May's EVENT Agenda

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 - 09:15 BST (UTC+01:00)
European Solar Markets Updates
On December 2019, the European Commission unveiled its proposal for a European Green Deal, with the aim to make European the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. As the lowest cost and most easily deployed renewable technology, solar has a key role to deliver on Europe’s ambitions. This session will look at the key policy and regulatory challenges to make Solar the core of Europe’s future energy system, and deliver on the long term jobs and growth promised by the European Green Deal. It will also reflect on the impact of COVID-19 and draw-up proposals for a solar-proof EU recovery plan.
, Policy Director
, Solar Power Europe
 - 10:45 BST (UTC+01:00)
European Solar Markets Updates
  • Difficulties in Yield Improvement During Daily Maintenance
  • Solution? Huawei Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis Function
  • Global Application: Improve O&M efficiency and increase yield
  • Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis
  • Smart I-V Curve Test
, Service Manager UK
, Huawei
 - 12:30 BST (UTC+01:00)
European Solar Markets Updates
, Director General
 - 13:30 BST (UTC+01:00)
European Solar Markets Updates

This session will give the audience insight into the auctions planned for June 8th and update the audience on how to do solar business in Portugal. We will also look at the potential for green hydrogen with Portugal as a centerpiece for a huge investment opportunity.

  • Upcoming tenders in Portugal
  • The impact on the Portuguese market of C19
  • Adding H2 generation to PV power plants as hedging mechanism
  • Investors expectation of Solar PV with H2 generation business case
  • Required support mechanisms and off-taker options
, Managing Director, Smartenergy Projects
 - 16:00 BST (UTC+01:00)
European Solar Markets Updates, Making the Most of Bifacial Modules and Trackers, Managing a Mixed Portfolio of Assets
End the week with a lively wrap up session with our in-house experts, the chat is on us, but the beer is on you!
, Editor in Chief
, Solar Media