Adele Ara

Director of Asset Management
Lightsource BP
Adele Ara
Adele joined Lightsource in summer 2014 and serves as Director of Asset Management, leading a team managing over 880MW solar PV assets globally. Prior to joining Lightsource, Adele was a Senior Manager at Platina Partner, a private equity fund specialised in renewable energy investments, covering roles in project development and asset management. Prior to this role, Adele served as a corporate and investment bank analyst at Citi. In December 2020 she has been elected Chair of the Life Cycle Quality Task Force of Solar Power Europe. Adele holds an MSc in Economics for Arts, Culture and Communications Cum Laude from L. Bocconi University in Milan
20 May 2020, 17:00
 - 18:00 BST (UTC+01:00)
Panel Discussion

This seminar will look at enhancements in asset tracking and machine learning; how companies are collecting ever more complex data and we ask if asset owners and asset managers are really turning collected data into actionable knowledge?