Chris Buckland

Technical Director
Lightsource BP
Chris Buckland
Chris has over 35 years of international engineering and operational experience in high tech industries active in the Solar PV industry since 2005 working across Europe and Asia prior to joining the start-up team at Lightsource in the UK 2010. He has been the technical lead for all large and midscale PV Lightsource deployment in UK and operates as group technical director across all lightsourcebp jurisdictions with a particular remit on PV plant realisation during new country entry. Responsible for new technology deployment and innovation for lightsourcebp covering areas such as energy storage, floating solar, off grid systems and interface with BP Ventures and new technology teams. He has published and presented at various levels covering Photovoltaic Manufacturing Facilities, Photovoltaic Industry Trends, TPM and Green field start up. Including SEMI Europe and West, Solarpraxis, PV Fab’ manager Forum, British engineering society forum, Photon and Intersolar.
19 May 2020, 10:00
 - 11:00 BST (UTC+01:00)
Making the Most of Bifacial Modules and Trackers
This session will feature five short developer presentations highlighting where bifacial panels are already in use or in the pipeline. 
  • Investigating the supporting technologies which contribute to successful projects
  • Discovering how the finance for these deals comes together from a developer’s perspective
  • Understanding how operational projects have ensured an uplift in yield