Declan O’Halloran

Managing Director
Quintas Energy
Declan O’Halloran
A constant theme in Declan’s career as a serial entrepreneur has been the creation of strong administrative resources as a platform for controlled expansion, effective management of complex organisations and constant improvement of systems and procedures. Since founding Quintas Energy in 2008, Declan has not only managed its growth across five renewable energy markets but has simultaneously facilitated the controlled growth of its clients’ portfolios. Declan’s experience in the development and management of solar energy assets in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and the USA has given him a comprehensive view of the sector’s challenges. As a result, Quintas Energy’s services accurately address the needs of renewable energy investors. Declan holds a BA and MA in European Studies and is fluent in several languages. Declan runs Quintas Energy from its London office in Canary Wharf.
20 May 2020, 17:00
 - 18:00 BST (UTC+01:00)
Panel Discussion

This seminar will look at enhancements in asset tracking and machine learning; how companies are collecting ever more complex data and we ask if asset owners and asset managers are really turning collected data into actionable knowledge?