Roberto Castiglioni

Founder & CEO
Ikigai Capital
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto has been working in the energy sector since he started his career in 2000, he has an extensive experience in the industry in senior roles across the entire oil and gas and renewable energy value chain: in project development, deal origination, project finance, private equity and M&A. Roberto joined Ikigai in April 2019 and chose to focus the company strategy on behind the meter I&C energy solutions, drawing on his deep understanding of non-recourse financing and development of traditional and decentralised energy, knowledge of I&C customer challenges and research into technology advancements in Europe and the US in the field of microgrids. After researching the storage and flexibility space for two years, he founded Argonaut Power in November 2017 and designed saving arrangements to meet customers’ appetite for sophisticated structure. Prior to joining The Ingenious Group, Roberto worked at Moser Baer, a solar developer, where he developed the largest PV greenhouse to date and at The Royal Bank of Scotland, where he led project finance syndication and was responsible for the syndication of over £5 billion of renewable projects across Europe.
21 May 2020, 15:30
 - 16:30 BST (UTC+01:00)
European Solar Markets Updates
Panel Discussion
Do unsubsidised PV projects still make economic sense in a scenario where power prices are plummeting and new customers habits may change electricity demand as we know it?